Top Reasons to Hire Our Services


Air conditioning units can consume a lot of energy in your home. Thanks to Wellington New Air Conditioning Unit Installation and Repair Services because we will always make your home energy efficient. We begin by choosing the right number and size of air conditioners for your space. We don’t want to strain a single unit because it may end up consuming a lot of energy and even wearing out after a few days or month. We also choose energy rated brands that will significantly reduce the amount that you spend on your energy costs.

The other advantage of our service is the fact that we only use certified technicians. This means that they have met the minimum requirements that they need to serve as air conditioner installation and repair technicians. You can be sure of getting high quality services from these professionals since they are well trained and highly experiences. There is no guess work when you are using our service. Once we install your AC system, we will also help with the maintenance work. Our technicians will also carry out any form or repairs that you are looking for. We have the right knowledge about all AC brands and hence nothing is impossible with us.

Our technicians are available on a 24/7 basis. This means that you can rely upon us even when you are having an emergency with your system. You can be sure that we will respond within the shortest time possible. We will come at your service even when you call upon us in the middle of the night. The company exists to make sure that your home is as comfortable as possible.

We understand that some unforeseen circumstances may take place in the course of our work. This has necessitated us to ensure our company. You can be sure that someone will take care of any liability that may result from the installation or repair work. The company is also licensed and hence you cab be sure of trading with a legit company.



Our Main Air Conditioning Unit Installation and Repair Services Include:

  1. Free AC Estimates for your Home or Business
  2. Air Quality Testing and Control
  3. 24 Hour Emergency Air Conditioning Repair (24/7 repair service)
  4. Residential Air Conditioning
  5. Residential Maintenance
  6. Commercial Air Conditioning
  7. Commercial Maintenance
  8. New AC System Design and Installation
  9. Air Conditioning Unit Replacement
  10. AC Troubleshooting
  11. Heating Repair
  12. Electrical Repair and Maintenance
  13. AC Tune Ups
  14. Monthly AC Maintenance
  15. Preventative AC Maintenance
  16. Water Heater Hookups
  17. AC Precision Tune Up
  18. Air Conditioning Ductwork
  19. Piecework and Subcontracting
  20. Freezing Issues
  21. Thermostat Issues
  22. Duct Cleaning
  23. UV Lighting AC Systems
  24. HVAC UV Lights
  25. Air Sterilization UV lights
  26. HVAC UV light installation